Start with Art Exhibition


Sophie is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice encompasses photography, film, light installations and textiles.  Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including Milan, New York, Tokyo and at the Venice Art Biennale 2009.

At Bar Opus she will be exhibiting a selection of her photographs from her critically acclaimed series Swift As A Shadow.

Inspired by Degas’ ‘Little Dancer Aged Fourteen’, the work explores the contentious pose of the original sculpture through photographing a contemporary ballet dancer in a series of movements.    By recording light traces from LED lights sewn into the dancer’s corset, the multi-layered images examine how the manipulation of the figure produces a sensuous art form that is not only beautiful but also challenging in its representation of female youth.

Sophie, a PhD researcher at the Birmingham School of Art who lives in the Jewellery Quarter, said: “As my work is quite innovative, I’m very keen to show it outside of the conventional gallery space and I think that such a bright and modern space as Bar Opus is perfect.”

Jennie Anderson of Argentea Gallery which originally exhibited Swift as a Shadow, added: “We were thrilled to have Sophie exhibiting her work at the gallery and to collaborate with Bar Opus is another great way to take her work to a wider audience and engage with people who wouldn’t necessarily think of visiting an art gallery.”



The exhibition will also host works of art from Birmingham-born innovators Key & Tam, known as LOWLFE.

LOWLFE takes everyday objects that can be found just about anywhere, such as phones, plants, coins and dead insects and introduces them to the world of miniature people.

LOWLFE said, “We combine these elements to point the finger at issues we feel are bigger than us all; the decline of the planet’s resources and inhabitants, our overuse and reliance of technology, the political figures that dominate our news feeds and what the world may look like once it hits the fan”.

With their whimsical approach and droll sense of humour, LOWLFE keeps the compositions playful but when carefully examined, there is an underlining message that sparks conversation and challenges the conventional.  They will be featuring 5 works: ‘Who’s Killing All the Bees, ‘Disobey’,’ Nature Fights Back’, ‘My Phone Died, and ‘Need Change for Begging Fines’.